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Why Özdere

There are many beautiful places on the coast of Turkey to visit during your vacation. So why come to Özdere?


What makes Özdere so attractive? 

To really clarify it, it takes a longer answer. Özdere is located 38 km from Kusadasi and 65 km away from Izmir. Many people, who have a good income and live in Kusadasi and Izmir, have a second home in Özdere or frequently stay at one of the hotels in Özdere. So besides foreigners Özdere still has many Turkish tourists. Özdere has become quite touristic, meaning that the villagers are aware of the services the guests expect. This aIn short, it is the clean air, peaceful surroundings and friendly villagers.

lso means that you will be welcomed as a guest of this village. You're not an intruder, but really a guest. Because the change in the village occurred slowly, with the first tourists, the Turkish tourists, the transition was made smoother and more natural.

This has certain advantages, such as: You can walk through the streets without having to drink tea at every store and that you are persuaded to buy something. The mentality is more that if you want to buy something, then you will do it anyway. So no pulling at your sleeve every store you pass. That does not mean nobody will address you or no one will say hello or welcome, but you don’t have to expect annoying behavior. The hospitality is there, so you will from time to time be offered a glass of tea, but usually only if you have had a nice talk or purchased something. In any case, you can decline it without a problem.

OlivesThe visitor of Özdere, is someone who wants to use the holiday to unwind. No crowds, loud nightclubs all around you, but the serenity and beauty of nature. With all the facilities you want. All the hotels offer the luxury that you may need, therefore the basic requirement has been fulfilled. The surroundings and the town where you stay in are on the second place, but could be an enriching part of your vacation. In case you are going to get outside the gates of your hotel.The streets look one-fold. There is a wide variety of homes and shops in the village, sometimes even messy. But the rustic character, the beauty of the palm trees, mountains and sea make this disappear to the background quickly. It is a place where you can feel at home even as a visitor. You can walk down the streets safely, with your partner and children, in friendly and very nice surroundings. Besides this, of course there is the obvious: delicious foods and cold drinks. What does a person want more?

With the ships of Mira Yachting, we can show you the beauty of Özdere and surroundings from the water. The village, the coastline, the mountains, the beaches, the island of the village, the warm water source and more. Another day and evening enjoy yourself in the village Özdere. With the hotel, the activities in the hotel and the other activities in the village and surrounding area, there is something for everyone.

Most of us have to work hard for our vacation. So you want the best your money is worth. And if the above text appeals to you, then this is the place for the coming holiday(s).

Sea Sun

Whether or not you will join us to make a boat tour, is not important to us. The important part for us is that you feel welcome in our village, that you can enjoy the tranquillity and your holiday, for which you worked, so you can look back with satisfaction on a lovely time our beautiful Özdere.