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Location of the harbour

Where to find the port where the ships of Mira Yachting are? Look at a map of Google.
On this picture you don't see our ships, but they will be there. 
You can use the zoom buttons to zoom in or zoom out. To get directions from your location,
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Hotels and tickets

There are several options available for you to come to Özdere and stay here. There are all-inclusive hotels which you can book including flight. But you can also book your flight separate and book a room with a hotel yourself. There are also many houses and apartments for rent along the coast of Özdere. If you come by plane, car or RV? You will find in Özdere what you need.

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What is there to be found in Özdere and her environment?

First of all what you can find all over the on the coast of Turkey: many shops, restaurants, a sandy beaches and warm weather.

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Sea life

Aegean sea

The water along the coast of the Özdere is called the Aegean sea. And by hearing the word sea, many people think of large waves along the coast. But you will not see that picture quickly. This has to do with the fact that Özdere is positioned in a large bay, surrounded by land. The beach at Özdere runs far into the sea, so you can walk into the sea for about 50-100 meters without getting the head under water. The waves are generally small, so even small children can play easily in the water and walk about 10 meters into the sea without getting their head under water. The size of Waves in general depend on the wind force and the wind direction. In Özdere during the day there is often just a little bit of wind which is favorable to the quiet sea.

The water is very clear, so you can see easily the bottom of the sea. The average sea temperature in the table below.

Month Degrees
May 18
June 21
July 23
August 23
September 22
October 21
November 18

For actual temperatures: Current sea surface temperature Özdere


Blue flag

Annually, the beaches in the Europe, Turkey and many other countries are being reviewed by an independent institute. The beaches and harbors which are clean and safe receive an internationally recognized environmental award in the form of a blue flag. For Özdere and the surrounding villages, the blue flag has been awarded for the past years and again for 2013. Click here for detailed information about the Blue Flag in Özdere. Other information about the blue flag and beaches can be found here. This blue flag assures you of a safe beach with safe swimming. Since you will sail with Mira Yachting through this area, you can safely take a dip in the clean water. (Provided you can swim, of course).

Why Özdere

There are many beautiful places on the coast of Turkey to visit during your vacation. So why come to Özdere?


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